How To Turn Your Puppy Into the Perfect Dog


How To Train the Perfect Puppy

Lately, many of my clients come to me asking to have “the perfect dog”. It sounds nice, but the real question is, does the perfect dog even exist?

Think of it this way – is there a perfect person? After having been alive for 30+ years, I can pretty confidently say… No! And that is OK!

While nobody is truly perfect, there are some really awesome people out in the world and some really amazing dogs as well, wouldn’t you say?

So before you get yourself all hung up on the idea of going to a puppy training school and teaching your dog to roll, play dead, or crawl, take a moment and ask yourself this question:

Is this what my dream dog does? Are they just there to follow my commands and impress my guests that come over?

The funny part is that many of these same dogs that have been trained to do the basic tricks, still haven’t learned some of the most important stuff. When those same visitors do come over, they have to be warned “not to go near his food bowl while he’s eating” or “careful not to pet him near the tail” or “make sure your children stay away from his toy box!”

We spend so much time and effort focusing on commands like sit and stay that we gloss over some of the most important stuff. Things that will make living with your dog a joy. And when we finally realize we messed up, it’s usually too late.

Why is this so?

It’s because most dog trainers and dog owners are stuck on doing what everybody else is doing, the basic commands like sit and stay. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with these commands, but everyone gets so enamoured with them and doesn’t stop to think, why does my dog need to know this?

Teach Foundational Skills First, Tricks Later

Here’s something to consider: has a dog ever been put down because they couldn’t perform basic commands? Or because they messed up “shaking” the owners hand? No, of course not! Because in the grand scheme of things, these commands really aren’t that important.

So why is this all that is being taught in puppy training school?

Here is what many dogs are actually put down for: Aggression. Those dogs that are constantly barking at anything and everything, that bite and growl and are dangerous to be around.

An out of control dog is extremely dangerous, ignoring you when they are off the leash and doing whatever they want. They are dangerous to not only you but the people and animals around you as well.

Many dog trainers don’t even show you how to deal with these behavior or how to stop it from appearing in the first place.

If I had to make a list of things that would constitute a “perfect dog”, here’s what I think would be on nearly everyone’s list:

  1. Friendly to all people, especially children
  2. Very calm around other people and animals
  3. Quick to come when called, even in a busy area
  4. Relaxed and obedient around the home
  5. Fun to walk with

Sound about right?

If so, you’re probably wondering how to achieve this?

Well, the great news is that it’s not complicated, it just takes the right methods.

If you are constantly doing and teaching your dog the wrong things, you can’t really expect to have a calm, obedient dog at the end. You need to be employing the right strategies or all of your effort will be for naught.

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