Hello And Welcome To Off The Leash Dog Training!

Hello friend, welcome to our brand new site, Off The Leash Dog Training. My name is Sam Blake and I absolutely love training puppies and dogs, of all ages! With this site, I hope to share the knowledge I have gained training my own dogs, as well as helping others with the process.

Growing up, I had between 4 and 5 dogs in our house at any one time. We lived on a large plot of land and it gave our dogs ample room to run to their heart’s content. I grew up constantly trying to teach my dogs some new trick or silly thing I had seen on TV. I absolutely loved the reaction I would get from the dogs and the bond that can form between animal and man. Interacting with animals around our house are some of the best memories of my life!

My best friend was Bolt, a greyhound that I swear spent 90% of his time sprinting around the yard, he had so much energy and was such a fan of life! I loved his enthusiasm, but he was too much for our family and even me sometimes. So I spent time learning training techniques from books at the library and learned how to calm Bolt down and get him to listen. Well, listen from time to time! He was still a wild one, but with time he became a calm and relaxed member of our family.

After college, I decided to start my own dog training business, and while I didn’t have the funds to start to rent a spot in the nearest strip mall, I knew I could start with family and friends and eventually move to an online business. So after 3 years of building my skills through word of mouth business, I’m here to share with you some of the things I’ve learned over that time. This isn’t just my knowledge, I’ve spent countless hours researching the best techniques and what really works, not just what the latest craze is. I’ve seen it all!

So come with me on a journey through the mind of a dog. Let’s see what they are thinking and do training that works with a dog’s natural instincts, not against them. Thanks for checking us out!


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