Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer Review

Hello fellow dog enthusiasts! I would like to present to you my review of the Doggy Dan online dog training program. There are hundreds of online dog training programs available on the web, with some being amazing resources, while others can actually be harmful for your dog.

Doggy Dan’s training class is a very popular product that has seen a huge boost to their clientele base in recent years. Is this due to a quality program or oppressive marketing tactics? We take a look at this product and do the homework for you. So sit back, relax, and lets dive into this review!

So what exactly is the Doggy Dan program?

Doggy Dan’s signature product is a web-based online dog training program that contains more than 160 instructional videos and hundreds of hours of content that aims to help you solve over 30 common dog and puppy behavioral issues – including digging, biting, excessive barking, begging, as well as helping you to read your dog’s body language.

All of this training works without any need for yelling, hitting or using painful, out of date training equipment.

Hiring a dog trainer to correct your dog’s behavioral issues can be quite expensive, and it can lead to your dog seeing the trainer as the leader of the pack, and not you. Your dog may end up looking for affirmation from the trainer instead of you, their owner! This can lead to many different types of problems.

This is where Doggy Dan (aka Dan Abelnoor), The Online Dog Trainer comes into play. Doggy Dan is one of the leading dog trainers from New Zealand, who works with dog training experts and clients across the world through his online program. Doggy Dan is an SPCA certified dog trainer who has successfully helped over 25,000 people train their dogs in his specialized program.

He doesn’t just tell you what to do either – he shows you, in the form or 100s of online videos detailing how to deal with all kinds of puppy and dog problems. This videos were recorded with real clients who have real issues, and you can see the positive effects it has on their pets immediately!

Interested in Learning More About Doggy Dan?

Now, on to the good stuff. Here is my review of the Doggy Dan program. To write this review, I obtained access to the program by signing up as an affiliate so I could see the inside of it myself. Here is what I saw and how I feel about the program.

Doggy Dan’s training philosophy is mostly based on the idea of a pack, also called Alpha training. He is a very balanced trainer, using a mixture of correction-style training and positive, no force training that is gentle but effective for dogs.

In general, Doggy Dan recommends using positive techniques to begin with, then moving on to more correction style techniques if they still need more help.

Doggy Dan Program Breakdown

  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Forum where you can ask questions
  • 3 day trial for $1
  • Monthly subscription, each month is $37. Cancel anytime

Here is a general breakdown of what you can expect to find within the program. There are over 160 videos available and a wealth of information inside, I recommend you start with the 3 day trial for $1 to get a good luck yourself, as it is hard to give this huge program justice!


The 5 Golden Rules (22 Videos, Online PDFs, articles and audio)

This section is based on teaching you the 5 golden rules in modifying and attracting the right type of dog behavior. By enacting these rules, you will see a positive change in how your dog reacts to your commands. This section will teach you how to become the pack leader.

Project Moses

One of my favorite sections in Doggy Dan’s program is Project Moses, a video series dedicated to Dan’s own puppy, Moses.

This video series starts when Moses was 8 weeks old, and chronicles the exact methods and training that Dan uses to raise him until he’s 8 months old.

Through this time, they go through all the familiar problems that puppies have, such as chewing, mouthing, potty and also crate training techniques. This will really assist you in teaching your own puppy how to behave.

Additionally, you also get to see how Doggy Dan teaches Moses the basic commands that every dog owner wants to pet to know, such as sit, come, stand, down, and stay.

I can confidentially say that Project Moses will be a huge benefit to you in training your puppy. Doggy Dan deserves a huge round of applause for this one.

Puppy Training

In addition to the Project Moses content, there is also a whole other section dedication to puppy training and the problems that can arise with it. This is a good section to go to before the Project Moses training, as it will teach you all the fundamentals you need to know to properly train your animal.

Even if you are a beginner, the puppy training section will take you through everything you need to know to train your pup into the perfect companion.

Dog Training and the Body Language of Dogs

Surprise, as you may have guessed there is a huge swath of information dedicating to training your dog to be a successful and happy companion. This section is incredibly detailed and expansive, with tons of videos, guides and tested methods that help guide your dog to be the best possible version of him or herself.

Doggy Dan focuses a lot of attention on learning about the body language of dogs, which is something I feel is often neglected and is a powerful way to understand what your dog is thinking and feeling.

From the research that I’ve done, Doggy Dan is one of a few dog trainers who actually deals with the body language of dogs, and I have to say it is refreshing to see. I believe this body language is a crucial aspect for how we can relate and understand our furry friends.

Forum Access For All Members

This is something you don’t often find with many other dog trainers, the addition of a forum to their program. This is a really awesome add-on that helps connect you to a community of like-minded individuals who are also training their dogs using the Doggy Dan method.

The forum is quite lively and active, with frequent posts from members and Doggy Dan trainers posting and responding to questions. Many times, Doggy Dan himself is there answering questions, so you know you are getting access to valuable information.

In all my years with dog training, I’ve never seen another dog trainer give such a personal touch with the members. I think this is an stellar addition to the program.

When you join Doggy Dan’s program, you’ll also be granted access to 3 bonuses. These include:

Bonus Item #1: New Videos Every Week

Every week, Dan posts his in person consultations, showing you exactly how he puts his training techquies into practice with real life clients. These videos are packed full of information and really help to illuminate these techniques.

Bonus Item #2: Access to Download Library

The bonus library contains tons of useful and educational material, like the “9 Advanced Vocal Commands” and the “Secrets to Successful Puppy Training”.

And finally, what is probably my favorite bonus is:

Bonus Item #3: Forum Access

You will join a community of like-minded dog enthusiasts who are training their dogs and puppies right along with you. You can ask questions, post videos illustrating issues you are having with your dog, and Doggy Dan and his team of experts will help guide you towards solving the problem. It’s also a great place to hang with others and make some new friends along the way!


  • SPCA-Endorsed Program (This right here seals the deal for me)
  • No Need to use cruel devices or methods
  • Inexpensive
  • Forum Access
  • Full Money Back Guarantee


  • Requires your dedication and time
  • monthly payments
  • disadvantages inherit with online training

The Doggy Dan program is extremely easy to navigate and find the information you are looking for. Each section is clearly labeled and flows well.

Doggy’s Dan’s program starts with a 3 day trial for $1 and then it changes to $37 per month after that. This gives you a great opportunity to bop around the program and if you cancel within 3 days you won’t be charged any more.

The course itself covers 34 different topics (such as pulling on the leash, barking when you’re not at home, dealing with begging, etc.) and includes descriptive videos for each topic. The videos come with Dan’s actual work with clients, which is nice as you get to see the training in action, and it gives you an idea how your dog might react.

Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer Full Access

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Last updated: 04/16/20