Training Your Puppy To Come At The Park: Easy Method!


A park is full of stimuli for your puppy, what with kids running around and yelling, other dogs frolicking and tons of space to run, getting your puppy to come when you call at the park can be a difficult task.

I mean, it all seems to simple when you think about it – you call your pup’s name, they come running towards you and you give them a small treat.

For a lot of us, the whole thing gets twisted up like a pretzel. We call our puppy but they either totally ignore us or start coming and then quickly get distracted. We end up sprinting after our dog, calling their names to no avail as they happily prance away from us. Sometimes it seems downright impossible to get your puppy to come back to you when called.

But in reality, it’s actually extremely simple to get your dog to come when called, every single time. It is something that anyone can do, but like anything in life, you have to be doing the right thing.

While it is quite simple to get a dog to come when called every time, there are a few simple steps you need to follow or it can all fall apart in the blink of an eye. These steps are fairly logical and they just make sense.

I want to give you one of the most important things you shouldn’t do when trying to get your puppy to come, yet most of us are guilty of it!

So here it is:

Don’t chase your puppy around!

Yep, you see that is something that many people make the mistake of doing. Chasing your puppy is honestly the last thing you want to do if you are trying to get them to come to you.

Many people “chase” their dogs without even realizing it! It usually goes something like this, first you call out to your puppy, then they start to run the other way, so you inch closer while still calling out to them.

Boom! There it is! You are now chasing them and doing the huge mistake that tons of other other dog owners are doing.

First you were in the process of training your pup to come, and the next moment you were chasing after them and reinforcing negative behavior.

So what else can you do that won’t create a bad habit for your dog so early in life? Here are your options. First, you should think about keeping your pup on a leash if they aren’t responding when you call for them. So that’s a pretty simple tactic that you can employ, until you think they are prepared to venture out off the leash.

The second method is one of the secret sauce components of Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training course. That’s where I personally learned a good deal of the tactics that I teach to dog owners all over North America.

In order to get your puppy to chase you while he’s off the leash, you can master the tactic of controlled recall, as I like to call it. When your puppies are going crazy and aren’t responding to your calls, you need to turn away from them, walk away so they understand they need to come to you, and call them when they are not distracted. So wait for a good moment when they will actually be prone to responding!

Here’s a video that helps explain this tactic more in-depth:

See how the pups were much more responsive to being called when they were in a slightly relaxed position? Getting your dog to respond and show great recall is a piece of cake when you know how to do it properly.

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